'Joy: A Guide For Youth Ministry' Available Now

Joy: A Guide For Youth Ministry is the product of years of work and collective decades (upon decades) of youth ministry experience from some amazing youth workers and theologians including Kenda Creasy Dean, Andrew Root, James K. A. Smith, and Miroslav Volf. I am proud to have helped contribute a chapter to an anthology of contributions from some of the greatest minds in youth ministry today. It's humbling to have had a small part in such an important project. Check out the book.

"Published in partnership with Yale Universtiy, this book points to a Christian faith grounded in a consequential way of life, including substantive moral virtues and a sacramental vision in which all of life participates with God.This "who's who in youth ministry" focuses on practices that enhance joy by pointing to the contingency of human life and our participation with God's redemption work for all creation. At root, a Christian life is ordered by worship and practices that recognize, celebrate, and respond in joy in light of humanity's contingency and God's gratuitous liberation of all creation."

Contributors: Steven Argue, Kyle David Bennett, Kenda Creasy Dean, Michal Beth Dinkler, Amanda Hontz Drury, Fred P. Edie, Wesley W. Ellis, Sarah F. Farmer, Nyle Fort, Christian Gonzalez, Pamela Ebstyne King, Alaina Kleinbeck, John Leedy, Stephanie Paulsell, Andrew Root, James K. A. Smith, Miroslav Volf, David F. White, Anne E. Streaty Wimberly, Almeda M. Wright, Vanessa Zoltan