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Hospitality is the Hallmark

“Hospitality to the needy is to be the hallmark of the disciple of Christ." -Patrick T. McCormick  In our culture, much is made of our personal beliefs. What a person believes—and by this, we mean the position one takes on one issue or another—can make or break them with certain people. What someone believes can mean either their acceptance into a community or their banishment. It can mean being welcomed or shunned. It can mean being praised or being cancelled. Belief means a lot.  In Christianity, throughout its history, belief has also meant a lot... but in a very different way from that of the culture wars of our time. In the way of Jesus Christ, every belief that Christianity claims is designed to lead to more openness, not less. Christian belief was never intended to be exclusive, but in clusive. The Creeds for example (i.e. the Nicene Creed and the Apostles Creed), are not meant to keep people out but to bring people in. If one takes seriously the belief in “the communion o

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