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My Review of 'Innovating For Love' by Kenda Creasy Dean

This may not qualify as an actual review. It's more of a recommendation.  Innovating for Love: Joining God's Expedition Through Christian Social Innovation by Kenda Creasy Dean "Innovation" is a word that has yet to be wrested from the baggage of modernity, neoliberalism, and developmentalism. It is a product of an epistemic landscape of dynamic stabilization that cannot sit still. It is a pining for the "new" at the expense of the present moment. Its logic is distracted and it misdiagnoses the problem of human experience as a problem of scarcity, "not enough," so it advances the modern project of "more" and "better" as its solution. It's message is "you are not enough," and thus, is paradigmatically in opposition with what I understand to be a theological vision of human vocation and Christian discipleship which begins and ends with the bold gospel assertion that, by the grace of God, we ARE enough already.  But..

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