Meet This Book: Delighted

The following article was originally published on EerdWord on April 27, 2020. (Find the full article here)
There are a lot of books about what we do in youth ministry, and Delighted: What Teenagers Are Teaching The Church About Joy is about that too. But first, it is a book about what God does in youth ministry.  
When Kenda Dean, commissioned by the Yale Center for Faith and Culture as part of their “Joy and the Good Life” project, recruited our small team of youth workers to write this book, it was with the intention of understanding joy and its place in youth ministry. We wanted to understand where joy lives in the core elements of young people’s experience, in their need and desire for fidelity, transcendence, and intimacy. We wanted to know how youth ministry could cultivate joy in young people’s lives and how we could create the conditions for young people to find and experience joy. What we learned, however, from our collective experience in youth ministry and in our reading the pulse of the young people we serve, is that we were signing on for an impossible task. [READ ON...]