"Untamed Friendship" Interviews and Lecture

In November, Kenda Creasy Dean and I were invited to Yale Divinity (to the Yale Youth Ministry Institute) to be interviewed and to give a lecture on joy and friendship in adolescence for their Joy and Adolescent Faith and Flourishing project. Below, you can watch some of those interviews along with the lecture. And on February 11th, Kenda and I will be talking about some of this stuff with youth workers at the Ignite Youth Leaders Day in East Brunswick, NJ.

Kenda was gracious enough to invite me, along with Abigail Visco Rusert (of the Institute for Youth Ministry) and Justin Forbes (Flagler College and Kindred Youth Ministry), to represent Princeton Theological Seminary as researchers and writers for this project. There's more to come, including a lecture by Kenda and Abigail on March 1, 2017.