On Winning in the Immanent Frame

So, it's been a while since I've been active on my blog. That's usually a sign that my life is in turmoil... and that's mostly been true since February. Because I'll be graduating from Princeton Seminary in May, I've been diligently (perhaps frantically) trying to figure out what's next for me. That's almost completely worked out now, so I'm hoping to be more regular in my blogging from now on.

But, even though I've been silent on this blog, I haven't been silent elsewhere. I've posted a three-part blog series that's sorta about evangelism and sorta about apologetics. I'd say it's mostly about friendship and winning in the "immanent frame." I wrote it for the Science for Youth Ministry writing symposium I attended in December. Thanks to the feedback I received from colleagues at the symposium, I think the article turned out pretty good. Thanks to the Institute For Youth Ministry for publishing it. You can read it here.
Part 1: "Winning"
Part 2: "The 'Real' Argument"

Part 3: "The Real Win: Friendship"