Moltmann at Princeton Seminary

A couple of days ago I had the rare privilege of hearing Jürgen Moltmann give a lecture at Princeton Seminary's annual Karl Barth Conference. Moltmann gave an impressive lecture on Barth's theology of election and predestination. In true Moltmann fashion, he offered not only a charitable and insightful reading of Barth but also added his own questions and proposals. At 89 years of age, Moltmann is still remarkably witty and incredibly sharp. No one has influenced my theology quite as thoroughly as Moltmann has and it was truly an honor to share space with him and actually (though briefly) meet him. He was kind enough to sign my copy of Theology of Hope. I thanked him for his lecture and for all that he has done. But I wonder if he knew how much I meant that.

Have a listen to his lecture:
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