The Feed Truck?

Innovation and creativity are not highly valued in every church setting. Many will pay lip service to such things, but most churches are quite comfortable in conventionality. They might have some interest in painting the walls a different color, but the structure is altogether fine. Now, I am, in fact, fairly comfortable with convention and I don't think there's anything necessarily wrong with that. I'm totally fine with a church that just wants to worship God together and participate in God's ministry, and if that doesn't involve "thinking outside the box" so much, then so be it. You can be creative in ministry without being "original," as it were. But the church needs expressions of ministry that don't fit the norm of conventional church structures. The church needs people who are willing to do crazy things and really think outside the box. The church, especially now, needs innovative people to do innovative things.

Well, the church of which I'm currently a part is doing some interesting things in terms of its mission/ministry to the community. I'm sure it's not the first church to take up something like this, but given the fact that it's a fairly traditional United Methodist Church in New Jersey, I think starting a Food Truck is a little outside the box. They're not just starting a Food Truck as a way to covertly evangelize the community. They're doing it, I think, in order to be a witness of ethical business, ecological responsibility, and healthy social engagement. Check out the website and read about their hopes for their ministry. The folks who are behind this are some of the most genuine and creative people I've ever worked with.