Clarifying Dave Brat and Princeton Seminary

I haven't posted anything overtly political in a while... and that's on purpose. But ever since Dave Brat upset Eric Cantor in their Republican primary race, I have thought about saying something. Not because I'm impressed by an upset or have any particular feelings about either candidate, but specifically because Brat has put Princeton Theological Seminary on the political map. That's right, a distinctly conservative Tea Party candidate is an alumnus of the seminary I am currently attending. And in case you're confused... in case you're wondering if Princeton Seminary is a lot more conservative than you thought... don't. I think it's safe to say that pretty much all of us here at PTS are pretty embarrassed by this guy. I could say all sorts of things to clarify the differences between Brat and the theological ethos of PTS, but I think Kate Blanchard says it much better...

In her Huffington Post article, "What Did Dave Brat Learn in Seminary?", Blanchard makes it pretty clear that the platform on which Brat is running is hardly reflective of a typical/expected education from this seminary. I encourage you to read her article... click here.