A Prayer for Liberation

God of enduring grace,
you meet us in our situation
patiently, you endure our suffering with us before ever you demand that we flee from it.
Into our struggle, into our doubt, into our sin you come and there give hope;
a hope that endures,
a hope that sustains,
a hope that gives courage;
a courage which resists,
a courage which liberates,
a courage to follow in obedience and faith;
faith which remembers,
faith which sees forward,
faith which proclaims, in word and deed, the good news of God's reign over and in the midst of the struggle, the doubt, and the tragedy of sin.

God of enduring grace,
you meet us in our situation.
We do not need to conjure your presence, nor can we condition you to respond to us.
In your freedom, you captivate and liberate us.
While we were yet sinners, you assumed our sin and entered into our death.
You meet us in our situation.
Liberate us from our struggle to find you elsewhere.