On Sexual Orientation

I like the Vlog Brothers!

And I especially like their recent video on "sexual orientation." 

The brilliance of this video is that it doesn't bother espousing some ideology about sexuality or sexual ethics. It just shares real people's stories. That's it. And that's the only appropriate starting point, I believe, in such a discussion. Even if you'd like to start with the Bible... I'm sorry, but you can't exactly do that in an unambiguous way. You always bring yourself and the stories by which you've been shaped whenever you come to the Bible. So if you want the Bible to be your norm, you've got to be even more intentional about the stories you allow to shape you. You've got to let real people's stories shape you, not the stories of ideologies and abstractions. 

As Christians we have got to be about listening to people's stories, hearing their voices, and allowing the other to penetrate our being. If we're going to take incarnation (especially the cross) seriously, if we're going to take it seriously that humanity has been taken into the life and being of God, then we've got to take humanity seriously. Humanity MUST precede ideology.