A Word Called Resurrection: A Prayer

God of infinite mercy and grace. We admit that we are confused by you. We are meant to believe that you are near to us and yet we are threatened by despair. We are meant to think that there is no evil in you and yet we are confronted by horror. What is its source? We are called to follow you and yet the explanation is obscured by complexity, and even more obscured by those who oversimplify the calling. We search for you, we go where you lead, we diligently put ourselves to the task, and yet we are scorned as pagans by those who whimsically claim you as their own.

Give us courage, O God, to face the ambiguity of our situation.

Give us hope, O God, to speak a new word.

Give us peace, O God, to follow you with humility and conviction.

Give us inspiration, O God, and fill our work with meaning in spite of the judgements pronounced against us.

Our situation is not an object which we can observe and examine from behind a glass wall. We cannot draw conclusions about it except those which come from within it. Certainty is a shadow. We are subject to ourselves and so we must rely on you. We must depend on you. Teach us to rely and to depend on you. And speak a new word to us, a word called resurrection, so that we might have faith in you and you alone.  Amen.