APU Video Featuring Robert Mullins

When I was at APU, I took five semesters of Hebrew and got to go to Israel to study and dig one summer with Dr. Robert Mullins. Back in May, I reported that Dr. Mullins is co-leading an excavation of Abel Beth Maacah with some folks from Hebrew University. Well, I don't know how I missed this, but about a month ago, APU posted a video featuring Dr. Mullins. Thought I'd share it:   The posting included this explanation: 
In summer 2012, Azusa Pacific University, in a joint project with Hebrew University of Jerusalem, began a 10-year survey and excavation project on Abel Beth Maacah (1 Kings 15: 20 and 2 Kings 15: 29), one of ancient Israel's northern guardian cities. Azusa Pacific Associate Professor of Biblical Studies Robert Mullins, Ph.D., will co-lead the project with Nava Panitz-Cohen and Ruhama Bonfil (Hebrew University) in an attempt to uncover the history behind this site.