Our Last Banquet

On this past Sunday evening we held the final FCC Youth Ministry Banquet (our year-end party) of my time here at First Congregational Church of Ramona. It has been an emotional last few months here for me as I have begun the transition. As I've mentioned before, Amanda and I will be moving at the end of the summer out to New Jersey to finish my Master's at Princeton Theological Seminary. It's bitter-sweet  because we are excited about the move and the opportunity but we are also so sad to say goodbye to our friends and our students here at the church. Sunday night was another one of those emotional moments as we told the students and their parents how much fun we've had and how much we've grown from being a part of their lives. As we've done for the past couple of years, we watched a highlight video from the past year and took some time to affirm one another and to pray together. I thought I'd share that highlight video with you here...

Man, I'm gonna miss these kids!