Today I had the privilege of being a part of Unify (http://www.unify2serve.com). About 75 students representing about 10 churches came together to do some work for a local public Middle School just to be a blessing to their community. They cleaned, the landscapes, the swept... some even painted and they did all of this just to serve. What a great image of the Body of Christ. What a healthy project not only for the community but for the students themselves.

And what's better? It's not over! Tomorrow night the same students, along with about 300 or so of their peers will gather together to celebrate the common ground and to worship God together as one body. I love to see the body of Christ come together, for people from different congregations come together as one Church, and I love it most when its done among teenagers.

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Tejas said…
Wow, Wesley! This is amazing! I had the privilege of doing something similar aboard the Christian ship, the Logos Hope. Ah, I remember the joy it brings, serving with other brothers and sisters! Great post!