Slaves of Hope

God of grace, aren't we a flawed bunch? It seems that even the best of us are disgraceful, always validating the taunting accusations claims of nihilists and cynics. With one hand we serve the poor and with the other we curse our neighbors. With one word we give hope to the hopeless and with another we crush it. Where we set one good example, we forsake another. We just can't put the whole game together. Such hypocrites are we, we have no argument against the nay-sayers. Hope is such a fleeting thing.

But as heartwrenching as that is, Lord, how liberating it is to remember that we are not responsible for our own salvation. Indeed, it is from our own hypocrisy that we are being saved. Our current brokenness should not surprise us. It is only ever by your hand and from your work that we find true restoration. It would be easier to be pessimistic and cynical, but God, we are slaves of hope because we have been caught up in your story. When our hope is in you, it is always present. We are always in the process of becoming what you have already remade us to be.

In the name of the crucified and risen Christ. Amen.