Looking For A Job?

Since Amanda and I are headed off to Princeton in the Fall, our church is searching for a new Youth Director/Youth Pastor (what's the difference, really?) to replace me. Now, I think that in most situations like this, the current staff person (myself) shouldn't really care what happens after they leave. Of course they should care insofar as they want to pass along something that's healthy so that things don't fall apart after they leave. They should care about what happens to their students. But they should let the church find a replacement and release themselves of the burden of feeling that they should have some investment in who or how the church does the replacing... at least at some point. That's just healthy. But such an intentional disconnect is a bit harder for me.

The situation is unique. I grew up at FCC Ramona and much of my family will still be here when I'm gone. I've been somewhat on the ground floor of creating a youth ministry and fostering a culture and an environment for youth ministry. I do care what happens after I leave, I will hear about it, and so I do have some investment (even if only an emotional one) like it or not. I really do want to make sure that they find someone who can advance the ministry in all the ways that I could not (and trust me, I'm well aware of my deficiencies... someone else really can and will do a lot better job in a lot of areas).

So... if you or someone you know loves Jesus, loves the Church, loves teenagers, and wants a job in Youth Ministry... have them check out the job posting at Youth Specialties...