I've Said Too Much

Great God, I've said too much! I am quick to speak and so very slow to listen. I feel so confident in my opinions and sometimes I feel so firm in my conviction that it becomes truly difficult to really hear what others are saying and to offer grace to those with whom I disagree. It becomes difficult to stand in the middle. It becomes difficult to handle difference.

Lord, make me quick to listen and slow to speak. Give me the strength to dwell in the complexity of real life, to stand in the middle--in those places where the world is wounded--and to weep for the world you love. may I never be so distracted by difference that I am paralyzed from goodness.

This story is so much bigger than me. This storm that seems so massive is but a speck. May I cover my mouth and, in humility, let me simply walk with you, in love with mercy and compelled by justice. Let me love and live a life of love. Amen.