Holy Week Posting

I'm gonna follow suite with my friend Steve Swope and take up the challenge to write a blog post for each day of Holy Week. If you've been following, you already know that I've set out to write a prayer for each day of Lent (and you know I've already failed at that). So for Holy Week, something of a climax of the church calendar, I'll be writing something specifically Lenten accompanied by a Lenten prayer. Holy Week is such a profound point of reference for Christians, it's only appropriate to enter into it with intentional and worshipful theological reflection. That's what I intend to do starting with Palm Sunday tomorrow and finishing with Easter Sunday.
N.T. Wright's quote has lingered in my mind like an anthem or even a mantra for this Lent season...
"I am convinced that when we bring our griefs and sorrows within the story of God's own grief and sorrow, and allow them to be held there, God is able to bring healing to us and new possibilities to our lives. That is, of course, what Good Friday and Easter are all about"
I am convinced of this as well and I believe Holy Week is an opportunity among opportunities for the kind of healing and newness which comes to us through the work of Christ on the cross. When we enter the story, when we engage in Jesus' journey to the cross, when we take part in his suffering we emerge from the tomb with Jesus into a garden of new creation.