...from whom all blessings flow

God from whom all blessings flow, we are so easily fooled into thinking that our blessings could come from anywhere or anyone else. We mistake our blessing for the product of our own hand, our own hard work. We think it comes from some economic system or from the obligation of one to another. In our hearts we have become dependent on the spirit of an institution or the ideology of a nation when, in fact, we are only ever dependent on you for everything. The world and its empires have nothing to offer. It's treasure will rust and rot away. Everything belongs to you and everything we have is truly the product of your generosity.

We are surrounded by the counterfeit version of blessing. We are surrounded by false economic value systems. Any treasure we store in these systems will return to the dust. But when we store our treasure in heaven, when we invest in you, when we reconfigure our values according to the vision of a renewed and restored world, our treasure will be the eternal inheritance of your kingdom.

Lord, help us store our treasure in heaven. In the knowledge that everything comes from you and that all of it is a gift, may we be liberated and empowered to give it all away. May our reward be the benefit and renewal of the people you love to the glory of your name. Amen.