Last night was the last night of our little series called "Christianity for Dummies" (an adult Bible study I've been co-teaching for the past five weeks). The topic was "The End" but rather than lay out  the different "millenialisms," we decided to simply go back to the beginning and rehash what this Christianity thing is all about. Is it about getting a "ticket to heaven"? Is it about waiting around for some future event like the "rapture"? Is it about checking church attendance off of the to-do list every week? Is it about making sure we don't do bad things? What's it really all about? If we can our beginnings right, then middles and ends will have a better chance for health.

We decided that we'd let Rob Bell be our teacher on the subject (couldn't think of a better guy to set us in the right direction... that seems to be his gift). We watched the Nooma, "Trees" and then had a discussion about the "Kingdom of God" and what relationship with Jesus looks like... Thought I'd share it with you... I think it's now in the "oldie-but-goody" category... enjoy.