Ridiculously Loving

Ridiculously Loving God, thank you that there is no "if" attached to my identity, no "if" accompanying your proclamation of love for me. I am yours and the truth about me is in you whether or not I am able to heed to it or embrace it. The work I do or don't do does not preclude me from you. My sin does not overshadow your love for me. My inability to reflect you does not make me any less a creation in your image. I am simply and utterly yours and that comes before everything else that follows. My being is in you no matter what my doing may be.

All is vanity, Lord. Thank you that all is vanity! The meaning of my life does not come from what I can produce, what I can create, how much I can sell, or how much I can consume. It does not come from where I live or how much space I occupy. It does not come from my capacity to create or my ability to win. It does not come from anything within the realm of my power. I am utterly powerless in this. I am only who you say I am. And you can say whatever you want. You could say that I am a sinner. You could say that I am worthless. That is your prerogative. But you say that I am a treasure. You say that I am beloved. You say that I am yours and that you will watch out the window for my return. Indeed, you will pursue me when I can run no further.

Thank you God for who you are. I acknowledge that you could be a monster. Indeed you could give me exactly what I deserve. But my capacity to imagine that you are loving, even in my powerlessness, is evidence that you are more loving than I can imagine. You are not a monster. You rescue me. You see beauty in me and you give yourself for me. You refuse to give up on me and your grace refuses to let me get what I deserve. You are ridiculously loving! Amen.