Crying From Comfort

Compelling God, from the middle of this broken world we cry out to you. Yes, there is pain and yes there is suffering but there is also comfort, prosperity, and excess and in these we need you all the more. We are seduced by the vision and identity that this world offers. We are tempted by the power of coercion and the comfort of wealth. So we cry out to you.

Remind us of who we really are and from where we have really come. Remind us of the vanity of selfish endeavor and the emptiness of wealth. Give us a clear vision of your dominion that overshadows the kingdoms of this world. Save us from our mistaken identity and forgive us for confusing these worldly empires for your kingdom. Tune our hearts to yours.

Yours is an upside-down kingdom where the least are the greatest and the first are the last, a kingdom of sacrifice. Our reward is the prosperity of others. Our comfort is solidarity with the oppressed. Our justice is the struggle for liberation. Our conquest is our love for our enemies. Our joy comes through suffering.

The cross-shaped life is an abundant life. Our wealth will turn to dust and ashes. The kingdoms of the earth will be corroded with rust but yours is an eternal kingdom. May it meet us here in the middle of the world. May it speak your word to us. In the name of your crucified and glorified Son, Jesus. Amen.