Flesh and Blood: a poem on the reality of Christ

The reality of Christ is an historical reality, not only out of mere necessity or as an arbitrary conclusion in the "search for meaning" but out of an encounter with the Spirit of God in flesh and blood. The reality of resurrection, though arguable in historical terms, can only ever be confirmed in the hands and feet of those willing to follow Christ to Calvary. We are the answer to the questions. And so, try as we might to steer our arguments into the realm of objectivity, we must understand our claims to be necessarily subjective. The subjectivity of the gospel, however, is not antithetical to reason and rationale. Far from it! It is reason in fullest form; taking human experience seriously as a source for reflection and taking faith seriously as a body of knowledge. The spiritual realities refuse to remain static and separate from our corporeal experience. Rather, they are thoroughly encompassing, claiming even thought and the general animation of otherwise lifeless dust as deeply Spiritual. This is close to the heart of communion or Eucharist. It is bread and wine and human relationships realized as synonymous with the life of God in the world.

This is the theological foundation for conversation and evangelism: not that we should convert others to reasoned arguments or dogmatic proposals but that in us it is made apparent that the life of human kind is fuller, more compelling, and undeniably authentic when it is lived in participation with the God whose love brings life from death.