Contemplation Concerning Church Planting

I've always been thoroughly attracted to the concept of planting a new church. I remember my freshman year of college at APU. It seemed like every time I made a new friend I analyzed the prospect of starting a church with them, weighing the potential... Yeah, I was perhaps too intense with the concept. And even though I've "moved on" from any real pursuit of the idea, it has not ceased to be a compelling thought.

As our church recasts our vision together, I can't help but think that the whole thing--focusing our vision, implementing a cohesive process--would be so much easier if we could just start from scratch. It would be so much easier in so many ways to start a vibrant church than to become a vibrant church. However, that being said, minimization of resistance would not make for a healthy motive on its own. One would need to be compelled not only be a vision of an "ideal" church (whatever that may be) but by a true sense of mission, a desire to be for the world as Christ is and has been for the world--a desire to "reach" people as the living, breathing foretaste of God's dream for the world. One would have to clearly understand why they're doing what they're doing. In other words, one would have to avoid nacissism in such a process.

So once you've come to terms with the "why" of the matter, you've got to get a handle on how. This brings me to a nagging question... would it work for a youth pastor to spearhead a church plant? Could a founder and key visionary for the congregation be such from the position of youth pastor? How on earth would that work. They would have to share the visioning responsibility, as would anyone, I expect. But perhaps moreso than in most situations, a youth pastor would have to at the very least share their role as leader. The reason this question is a nagging one is because I feel called to youth ministry, not to senior pastoral ministry. And yet I am still so compelled by the thought of planting a church, the thought periodically returns to my mind. So how? How would this work if it is to work?

Once "why" and "how" have been established, I assume that the "what" of the matter would come with relative ease... but it wouldn't come without its own complexities. The actual implementation of the church's vision would take strategic communication and an alignment among the leadership of the church.

These thoughts are no more than simple contemplation. I have no real plans to start a new church. But, nevertheless, the idea is compelling.
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