Youth Unite 8.28.11

One of my favorite things about living and working in the community of Ramona is that the churches (at least the evangelical ones), specifically the Youth Ministries, have such a healthy network. We've built real trust in one another and even though our differences are very real, even though we do things very differently in many areas, and even though we have different perspectives on following Christ, how to read the bible, where history is headed, etc., we still believe in one another enough to set those differences aside. And we don't do this in a superficial way--we don't do it in condescension--we actually do stuff together!

Tonight at The Way Church in Ramona, we're having our fourth ever Youth Unite--a night of worship for all the youth and youth groups in the area. It's a beautiful and unique event! Check out the trailer that my brother-in-law, Jonathan Bidwell, made for the event...