...more to come

Summer is about the busiest season on the year for me. I know it's a relaxing season for many but between mission trips, beach trips, camps, and everything else, it quickly becomes chaotic. My inconsistency in blogging is just one product of such a busy season. I haven't even been in my office in over a week and, since I have no internet at home and blogging from my phone is difficult and possibly arthritis producing, I haven't really done much writing. I haven't done much thinking either, I'm afraid.

But for me blogging is somethig of a spiritual discipline. It's how I process, how I express, and its how I keep my thoughts in check. I'm not sure what the effects would be if I didn't share my thoughts every once in a while. All this is to say, there's more to come. There's certainly no shortage of topics and concepts to process and discern--not least the shooting in Norway and the US budget crisis.
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