Protest Song

My wife Amanda (who's awesome and I love her!) showed me a video she found on Youtube. She actually posted it on my Facebook page. It's Hugh Laurie singing a "Protest Song."

It's probably old news. In fact, it is old news. This particular video was posted in 2007. But I still think it's a great commentary on the complexity of resisting social and systemic injustice. It's not as easy as we sometimes make it out to be. There are so many voices speaking out and saying that something needs to be done. It's common to hear that something should be done but it's not as common to hear exactly what should be done or how we should do it. The problems are there and, I am convinced, as we interrogate the situation and make ourselves aware of our context, a common voice will emerge as the people come together. The civil rights movement hardly had a common voice in its birth stages. The people barely possessed the agency to speak out as individuals let alone as one body. But then something happened and all the empty space of what and how was filled with people taking action.