A Prayer for Naiveté

God of mercy and grace, yours is a gospel of peace--peace which prevails over the dominions of this world. It cannot be contained by pious and personal religion. It transcends rulers and governments, it penetrates economics and social systems. It refuses to be secluded to some a-historical existence, separated from time and without affect upon your beloved creation. You love us within time and thus time is transformed. You love us within our social structures and thus they are transformed. You love us within the context of our political or economic situation and thus your gospel transforms it all. Let not our imaginations be held captive by the cynicism of previous generations. Set us free in the "naiveté" of hope. Set us free to imagine a world where captives are set free and justice does not settle until all are liberated. By your physical body we who were alienated have been reconciled. In the name of the God who comes near in the body of a Jewish baby. Amen.