Social Justice Handbook

Today I got my copy of Social Justice Handbook: Small Steps for a Better World by Mae Elise Cannon and, lemme tell you, I'm excited about it. It's a careful and Biblical examination of social justice--what it means, what it means to God, and possible solutions. Beginning with a general discussion ranging from "God's Heart for Justice" to "Moving from Apathy to Advocacy" to "Solutions to Injustice," the bulk of this book is composed of short entries examining specific issues like AIDS, Poverty, Capital Punishment, Consumerism, Genocide, Health Care, Racism, Sex-Trafficking, and many more.

Like I said, I just got the book today so I've only had a chance to flip through it but I couldn't wait to share it! In the words of Shane Claiborne, "This is a cookbook for plotting goodness and stirring up holy mischief... a recipe for revolution..." (from the back cover of the book). I'm almost certain that I will be inviting my students who are going on our Mission Trip (hopefully to LA through CSM) to read entries from this book in preparation. Perhaps I'll even make them buy it.


Mae said…
Hi Wes - Thanks for your positive comments about my book. I hope that it will serve you and your youth group as you seek to find ways to live out your faith on behalf of the poor and the oppressed! Many blessings.

Mae Cannon
wellis68 said…
Thanks for writing it! I love it and have already been using it.