"See, the enemy of the best isn't always the worst. Sometimes the enemy of the best is the good." -Rob Bell

We fill our lives with so many things, so much movement, so much clutter that it's nearly impossible to truly focus ourselves on the best and most important things. How many times have you found yourself so tired from trivial things that you couldn't spend time with your kids or you didn't have the energy to take your wife on a date or you couldn't make time to volunteer at your church? It could be that volunteering at your church is actually one of the things getting in the way of something even more important, even more fruitful.

And our culture doesn't help us, does it? We live in a culture of more, more, more. More stuff, more work, more tasks, etc. Almost every billboard you see is designed to make you feel dissatisfied and attract you to add something else. There's always more you could do, isn't there? Our culture is so focused on quantity that quality gets left in the dust! If we could only focus ourselves. If we could only let go of those things that distract us, even if they're good, from the few best things to which God has invited us, wouldn't we be more free in our celebration and more creative in our work?

God invites us to say "yes" to just one or a few things so that we will know when and be free to say "no" when we can.


Carly Jones said…
Wes, It's interesting to me you are posting all these questions today as this past week or so has been filled with questions like this for me. I have gotten so busy, I can't actually do ministry any more (or so it seems). Something has got to give, but the question is what...