Last night Amanda and I finished watching "Danielson: A Family Movie." It was much more interesting than I expected. I guess, even though I don't usually think this of myself, I'm actually quite intrigued by documentaries in general. But, even so, this one was special. Danielson (formerly known simply as Daniel) began something of an experimental "family band" project, simply making music with his family, which evolved into a trinity of three recording/performance identities. Their unique music and spiritual honesty is refreshing throughout the film. Even though I would do no justice to the film by trying to describe it, I recommend it! If you're into Sufjan Stevens, this will be especially interesting to you.

When we talk about "Christian music" as a label, as an industry, we definitely aren't talking about Brother Danielson and Sufjan Stevens. But, interestingly enough, their creativity and their passion about their faith in Christ within their music and their creative process is perhaps a better reflection of the Christian faith than the vast majority of what's produced under the banner of "Christian music."This film, I think, is a great exploration of that paradox and a wonderful examination of a particular family's faith journey. Quite interesting... but you may find it strange at times.