The Search Has Come To Fruition

Those of you who've been reading for a while might know that our church has been searching for a Settled Pastor. Due to a couple of setbacks, and some complicated ones at that, the search has taken about 2 years. It has been a bit of a roller coaster and our church has learned a lot about itself through this experience, however unstable we've felt at times. We've struggled, we've come together, we've had arguments, and we've had to rethink community and communication. We've gone through a lot!

Well, our church has found a Settled Pastor. His name is David Arthur Auten (I actually reviewed his book just a couple of weeks ago) and his first day was yesterday. He's already shaking things up... he rearranged his office! What?! You mean he's gonna do that?! That office has been the same since I was born. And, what's more, he's hung a poster on the wall. No, not of Jesus calming the storm, not of "Footprints in the Sand," but of Spiderman! He's definitely my kind of guy. We seem to speak the same language, theologically and otherwise, and I'm very excited about what's in store for our church.

I'm looking forward to the kind of stability that comes with having a Settled Pastor. Indeed, I've never had that. Since I was hired at FCC, we've not had a Settled Pastor... so it'll be a very welcome new experience.

But I hope we realize that this has only just begun. Change is coming--good change--and with change comes more struggle and more rethinking. While I know that it will be all the right kind of struggle, it's still gonna come with difficulties. It's not necessarily going to be automatically hunky dory. We are going to learn through this newness together. If we do it with hope and faith, I know that this process has the potential of being fresh and refreshing even with all its difficulties.

So thank you to those who've been praying for our church. Thank you to all who've been a part of this process. I can't express my excitement for the future.

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