Love is Free

Love is free! It has freedom to love without regard to what it wants or what it might receive. It has freedom to love enemies of the state, people who have been rejected, and even those who might seek to destroy or kill love's subject. We may feel obliged to hate or to disregard those whom our community or nation has chose to disregard, but love has no such obligation. Love is not just free from restriction--restriction that might otherwise keep it from reaching those on the under-side of society--but it is free to accomplish that which it seeks to accomplish which may be nothing other than to create, to restore, and to embrace. Love ignores all boundaries, busts down all barriers, and laughs in the face of any border which might attempt to coerce, conceal, or contain love's freedom. Love cannot be kept out and it refuses to be kept in. Love belongs to God, as a gift and never a possession, and God is love. God is love. God is love. For God is not just a lover, subject to love's freedom, God is bound in and God moves in the free and uncontainable motion of love.

So are we to be found in God? Are we to walk in the light as He is in the light? Then let us walk in the light of love. Are we to be a community of love, of peace--the Body of Christ? Then let us, in love, bring down the walls and prevail against the gates of hell and of home.