Spending Time With Friends

My two good friends Danny and Ryan are visiting (one from Valencia and the other from San Jose) and so for the past two days I've been distracted by the pleasure of being able to spend time with them. Nothing beats spending time with close friends, sharing old memories, and having deep conversations about direction and life in general.

Perhaps the hardest part of life, at least the stage of life on which I am currently, is the shifting of relationships--changing relationships, geographically and otherwise. But all the while, God shows up in those relationships to which we are willing to open ourselves up enough to engage in the shifts and changes. We were created for relationship and community and so when we engage in relationships, in the shifts and changes, we learn more about just who we are and who God made us to be.

Like I said, nothing beats spending time with old friends.


Brian Vinson said…
Nothing beats spending time with old friends...

You've got that right. But I've found that mourning the loss of a friendship is sometimes as hard as mourning a death. I've lost a lot of friends, mostly because of moving (geographically) and our lives going in different directions. And it's tough.