A Prayer and Two Posts

A Prayer:
God who suffers with the suffering, give us hope this day that a new way, beyond wars and rumors of wars, is possible. Give us a vision greater than America's vision, larger than America's borders, and more powerful than America's weapons. We mourn today, with hope that we will be comforted, the deaths of those who have died in wars and the lives of those fighting in them. We pray for the veterans of all countries but we do not celebrate their wars. Let your words lay heavy on our hearts, "love your enemies... pray for those who persecute." Let us only ever celebrate peace, where the humanity of all people is held dear and where creativity is more powerful a force than fear. Give us hope this day that one day Veteran's Day will be a meaningless day, for there will be a day when there will be no veterans other than the veterans of the cross. Make us your people, the world's true light. And let us be a beacon of comfort for all those who suffer from wars. Amen.

Two Posts:
Beat the Defense Budget into a Plowshare by Shane Claiborne
A Kingdom Liturgy for Veteran's Day