Where The Wild Things Are

This afternoon Amanda, her sister Thea, and I went and saw a matinee of Where The Wild Things Are. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I grew up on the book and it has always been among the first books that pop into my mind when I think of my favorite children's books so I was somewhat prepared to to be disappointed but I was everything but disappointed. It turned out to be an emotionally raw exploration of love and the human situation.

Where The Wild Things Are is a movie about our need to control, our profound sense that things are not the way they're supposed to be and our continual search for a place where only the things we want to happen happen. It was about the complexity of love, the simplicity of dreaming and the struggle in our hearts against cynicism. It was about finding ourselves, finding our identity in who we really are and learning to love others exactly as they are. It's about the profound truth that there is no such thing as a king, we're not kings, wolves, or anything else other than just our own name and that is not such a small thing to be.