Rossing on Rapture

Barbara Rossing, professor of New Testament at Lutheran School of Theology (and graduate of both Harvard Divinity and Yale) and author of The Rapture Exposed, a book I picked up off the shelf at Barnes & Nobel fairly randomly a couple of years ago, has a fairly down to earth perspective on "the rapture."

This is an older video but it's still worth posting.


Nate said…
Great video. there really wasn't a point I personally would disagree with. I wrote, a while back on my old blog about Falwell/Reagan and the whole, "bring on the end" mentality.

Also, I was one of those kids who, growing up, lived in a perpetual fear that I had been "left behind."
wellis68 said…
I took an apocalyptic literature class in college with the incredibly intelligent Dr. Bill Yarchin.
As we moved into New Testament apocalyptic and began discussing dispensationalism and folks like LaHaye, Lindsey, and Hagee, we had to take almost a whole day of what seemed like a therapy session--sharing, if only to get it off our chests and into the open, stories of fear we had of the rapture as children. It was indeed therapeutic for people to get those fears out in the open and to finally have a safe place to expose them for what they really are... ridiculous.