If John Hagee Says it, it Must be True

How come when Jeremiah Wright talks about God "damn"ing America, everybody goes nuts, but if John Hagee says something equally threatening (and much more militant and violent, might I add) then it's ok?

Way to take Scripture out of context... I guess God prefers arbitrary geographical divisions over peace and the livelihood of the Palestinians.


nate said…
Let it be known, I've gone nuts on Hagee plenty of times. I have seen him scrutinized on 20/20 and 60 minutes, at least.

When I think of Hagee (and the rest of the TBN stars), I think of James 3:1.
Danny said…
It's because he isn't associated with a president. He was criticized a lot back in the campaign (if I remember correctly) whenever he did anything with McCain, but McCain's relationship was not as extensive as Obama's with Wright. See the thing is, Obama actually probably believes a lot of the stuff that Wright talks about, whereas no one is stupid enough to actually follow Hagee (well some are, but that's a different story).