A Few Posts Worth Reading

From Aaron Taylor: Is CPT the new face of global missions?
Have Christian Peacemaker Teams set a new standard for Christian global missions throughout the world or are the more "evangelical" missions throughout the world still necessary?

From Sojourners: Applying Just Peace Theory to Obama’s UN Speech
Does Barack Obama believe in and/or share principals with just peacemakers? Interesting thought in light of his recent speech to the United Nations.

From the OOZE: Jesus: Prince of Peace Part 3 of 4
This is a very interesting four part series on non-violence and the Christian faith. Keith Giles, the author, approaches some pretty tough questions and here in part 3 he talks about the early church and the importance of Church history. From the article:
"Non-violence wasn't an "error" that showed up after the new testament was written. It was not a new teaching that was introduced after the Apostolic Age. No, it was simply a continuation of practice from the founder of the movement."

From Jesus Manifesto: It's the End of the World as We Know it and I Feel Fine
A light-hearted article reminding us that what's really important is serving rather than calculating the events of the end-times. The end times obsession may be financially profitable for authors such as Tim LaHaye, Joel Rosenberg, and David Jeremiah but it's far from the point of the Christian faith.

From Andrew: Christians Need to Get Over Prayer in Public Schools
A few thoughts about prayer in public schools.