Church & Kingdom

Today on Emergent Village's Facebook group, someone started a discussion board about the difference between God's Kingdom and the Church. Since they posted it on facebook, I'll assume it's ok for me to quote it. The question was:
I'd love to hear comments, and directions toward helpful resources, regarding the difference between God's Kingdom and His Church -- presuming that they are both among us today. I hear increasingly frequent reference made to this distinction, but not often with a clear explanation of what the speaker or writer means.
My response was this:
For what it's worth, I think of it like this: The Kingdom of God is an imagination, the Church is a people. The Kingdom of God is God's imagination for the world, consistently invading and recapturing this world in reality through the people called Church. The Kingdom is at the heart of the Church and comes to bare upon the world through the church but is not the Church, the Kingdom is bigger.
Does anyone else have thoughts on this? I invite you to join the discussion.