Beecher on Theology

I guess I can say I've been thinking a lot about contextual theology and the idea that theology must change as culture changes. Today I found a great quote from the either famous or infamous Henry Ward Beecher who was a Congregationalist Christian and an advocate for human rights.
"Theology is but the science of mind applied to God. As schools change, Theology must necessarily change. Truth is everlasting, but our ideas of truth are not. Theology is but our ideas of truth classified and arranged."
So by Beecher's logic, there's no great travesty or heresy in the changing of theology. It does not necessitate that God changes, only that the way in which we understand Him changes. As the way in which we conceive of truth itself changes, our ideas of God must surely change. If we are to take our finiteness seriously, we must not think that our ideas are sovereign or that we have "arrived" at the correct understanding of the One who is indeed sovereign.