The Consistency of Hope

Hope is a non-negotiable of the Christian faith. I've said this before. But what happens when we find ourselves hopeless and not really believing that there's resurrection on the other side? What happens when our faith runs out and our courage melts away and we're left asking God, "wake up! Don't you care if I drown?" Are we less "Christian" in those moments? Perhaps in those moments when we've "lost our salvation," God is actually closer than ever before. Perhaps when we truly lose faith and have lost sight of the resurrection that's the moment when God comes to our rescue. Perhaps it's in those moments when we're in the most need of a savior that we're right where God wants us. God always hears the cries of his people, the cries of the hopeless and the helpless. The question is... are we crying out? Are we in deepest honesty crying out to God in our need? There's hope even for the hopeless, even for those who've stopped crying. Yet perhaps it's in the cry of hopelessness where true, tested, and unadulterated hope can really be found. Perhaps true Christianity is to keep crying out. Perhaps true Christianity is to cry even when others have given up on crying.