Russell Athletic Violates Human Rights

Last year Russell Athletic, a brand name which you may find on any of your athletic equipment or bags, left 1800 workers in Honduras, who were already being underpaid and taken advantage of, jobless. In response to their workers' efforts to unionize, Russell made threats to close their plant and they eventually followed through with those threats. You can read more about that on this link.

Now schools all over the country (as well as some in Canada) including University of Montana and Stanford University have canceled their contracts with Russell Athletic (here's a list). Students at schools all over the country including University of Maryland, UCLA, University of San Diego, and my very own Azusa Pacific University are demanding that their schools do the same. Students all over the country have decided that it's their responsibility to stand up, to care, and that geographical distance doesn't make it their choice to take responsibility.

Right now two workers of those 1800 from Honduras are touring the West Coast, United States, visiting schools and calling them to action (more about the tour). If you're in the area, the word is that they will be at Azusa Pacific University this Friday (time and location TBD).