Jesus Wants You

My good friend Ryan Lane sent me this video recently of a guy named Matt Chandler who I admit I know almost nothing about. This video speaks to so many issues, not least the sex issue. His illustration, the story he tells, demonstrates the incredible potential for alienation that the gospel has if it's not wielded well. Like the judaizers of the first century, sometimes our gospel does more harm than good after we've finished distorting it. But the gospel of Jesus Christ should do anything but alienate. It should convict, challenged, even disrupt our lives, but it should by no means leave us feeling unwanted. If you're feeling like a withered rose, like you've been used up and are of no use to anyone anymore, like no one in their right mind would want you, let the Church say "yes" to you as Jesus has said "yes" to you. Ours is a God who persues his people even into the depths. Ours is a God who passionatly seeks us out. Ours is a God who wants you.