Our Word to the Nations

The Kingdom of God is threatening to any government that takes itself seriously. Therefore God's church should look skeptically upon any government. Our prophetic voice in the world stems from the basic proclamation that Christ is reigning and will reign until his enemies, the principalities and powers, including death itself are under his feet. This means that, in the end, our word to any government power is and always will be, "you are not really in charge here." Our words and our deeds will always declare to the nations, "our hope is not in you, our hope is in the real king of this world, Jesus Christ." When we become a national church rather than a trans-national church, when we become an American church rather than the church of God's Kingdom, we put our voice and our identity in jeopardy.

If our message is not threatening to our government, we have real reason to question our message.

Therefore, where there is war, speak peace, where there is poverty speak empowerment, where there is suffering speak resurrection, where there is hopelessness speak hope, where there is oppression speak revolution, where there is abuse speak fairness... and then see how the nations really feel about the kingdom of God. You may very well find yourself undermining the agenda of the stare.