We all know about Jesus of Nazareth, his is a likely story. His father and mother were both well respected in their community and had great wealth. Jesus was born into royalty, had great power and influence, commanded a massive army, led the people to financial prosperity, taught them that God helps those who help themselves. He did many wonderful things, healed many people of diseases, he performed many miracles so he could tell us this, “you are all evil, there is no hope… that’s it… thank you.”

Wait… no…

Jesus story was actually quite an UNlikely story. His father and mother were among the poorest and least respected in their community. Jesus was born not into royalty but into poverty. He had no political sway outside of his small band of misfit followers, he said “those who live by the sword die by the sword." He did in fact heal, perform miracles, and do wonderful things but his was a message of hope and empowerment not of superiority and exploitation. Jesus was not quite what the people expected and yet he was nothing like the oppressive leaders they were used to… he was different.