Thanksgiving Sunday

Today is the day to be thankful. Thanksgiving is not a holiday or a holy day, it is a lifestyle. Don't wait for Thursday before you begin showing God and showing your neighbor your gratitude and your subsequent generosity. Begin today, and begin again tomorrow, to live thanksgiving. Let it be part of your heart. The place to start is to care... start caring about not only the fact that you have possessions but care about the process by which you received the gifts you have. Care about the workers who worked to create them, care about the people who might benefit from your possessions but do not have them for themselves. care about the hands that touched the things you have before they were placed in a box and made to look untouched. Care and then give thanks to them. Don't fall for the lie that says that you own because you deserve or because you out worked your neighbor who does not own. Give thanks to the sacrifice of others and to the sacrifice of God. And in the end, when you have gone through the process of caring and reflecting, don't be thankful at all for for the things you have but for those with whom you can share them and for the life they bring to you. Practice thanksgiving, don't celebrate it.