A Statement of Faith

We believe that God has not given up on the world which He created.

We believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ, that He is the world’s only hope for restoration and salvation. He is to us revelation of God. His life and His teachings are to us an example, a path for us to follow, and we take them very seriously. He suffered and died on a Roman cross for the salvation of the world from the curse of sin. He defeated and exposed the power of sin, oppression, and death through his resurrection and vindication over death, oppression, and sin.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, sent to the world to dwell in the hearts of people and to give New Life, make New Creation, and give guidance and empowerment to His people. He guides us by offering to us an imagination for the world, a vision of the Kingdom of God, and a desire for it to be on earth as it is in heaven. He empowers us by giving us strength in weakness and hope in desperation so that we might participate with Jesus in his life, death, and resurrection for the sake of healing the world.

We believe in and dream of a Church that is one, holy, united, and obedient even if it does not always function as such. The Church is a community of people committed to sharing with one another in the life of participation with God.

We believe that people are saved through faith in Jesus Christ and not through gaining higher status or earning a higher position through their actions. Salvation is God’s work not Mankind’s.

We believe that Mankind, both male and female, is created in the Image of God and therefore every person, friend or enemy, is precious and beloved by God. The value of life is not determined on the basis of what it does and does not produce or contribute but was determined by God before its’ creation. Mankind can only find it’s identity in the face of God.

We believe that God will not give up on the world which he created and is making all things new, bringing a renewed heaven and a renewed Earth. Our future hope rests on God’s work of salvation and the bringing to bear upon the world of His restorative work, His love, and His imagination.


Brittany said…
Really good mission statement. I like how you say "Salvation is God's work, not Mankind's." I feel like alot of Christians only do good works as a way to guarantee their salvation, rather than out of the true goodness of their hearts and a willingness to answer God's call of serving others.

I also really like how you stress that everyone is loved by God. All are precious in His sight. This is crucial to remember because it can be easy to put someone down for their different beliefs or lifestyles. We seem to think it is our place to judge them and damn them to hell instead of loving everyone, as God does.
wellis68 said…
Thanks Brit,
I'm glad you liked it. I'll probably continue to edit and build on it in the future.