Preaching the Gospel

I heard a rumor that if Barack Obama gets elected I won't be able to preach the Gospel anymore. You mean I won't get to tell gay people that they're going to hell? You mean I can't ridicule someone because they're an atheist? You mean I'm not allowed to slip Bible tracks that look like money into their backpack? You mean I can't call people who believe in Abortion "murderers" in the public sphere? You mean I can't alienate Muslims, Buddhists, Catholics or Jews? You mean I can't interrupt my teacher in science class with quotes from the esteemed scientist, Lee Strobel? You mean that beating up a gay kid will be a hate crime? Man, What else is the Gospel about!?

I am really troubled by this. Who cares about health care reform, the war in Iraq, the stock market crisis, the number of deaths per year at the Mexican-American border, the growing unemployment rates, the overpopulation in prisons, foreign relations with Russia and Pakistan, the growing animosity among Palestinians toward America, the immanent threat of global warming (or "climate change"), poverty in the U.S. and across the globe, Aids in Africa, corporate/government corruption, and gas prices... I can see that this is a single-issue election.